29 March 2007

No Sheep

Last night I, and a few hundred friends, attended the DKC's monthly meeting to hear the lovely and talented Amy Singer speak about her new book, No Sheep For You.

What an entertaining and informative evening. Amy was so needlessly nervous. She has an easy, funny, public speaking manner and was totally rocking the Power Point display. I expected the talk to be interesting but I did not expect to learn so much. Some educational highlights:
  • Rayon is made from wood chips.

  • Bamboo yarn is not spun from the fibre but processed and extruded OR as Amy would say, cooked into Goop, mixed in the spinny thing and SPIT out into strands.

  • The difference between vegan and non-vegan silk.

  • The fibre from cattails aka bull rushes is used for stuffing.

And on and on. She, at times, reminded me of the cool professor at university - the one whose lectures you never missed. Right on girl!

A relaxed celebrity signs her book post-talk.

Informative visual aids abounded.

The trunk show was awesome. I admit to not really appreciating the patterns when first looking through the book. Then seeing them knit up, and touching those gorgeous yarns, made me fall in love with quite a few. My favourite was River Rocks, a Syvia Harding designed scarf. Too bad I didn't manage a decent photo of the sample.


Miss Scarlett said...

Looks like a great occassion! how interesting - I was just wondering how they made that bamboo wool, I really was.
Isn't it amazing how many different directions you can go with this craft? It can't really ever get old.

Not An Artist said...

I completely agree about the awesomeness of the "trunk show" samples. While I did love some of the patterns from reading the book, loads of the other items looked so much more amazing in person that now I just know I'm going to have to knit them too!

ps: I just realized that your RSS feed had somehow disappeared from my bloglines and I've been missing all your posts! Otherwise I would have known about your awesome purse ;)

koko puff said...

I'm sorry I missed it on Wednesday...although Michelle did try to corral the OCAD posse. I must look more closely at the patterns since they didn't call to me when I first saw it but both you and M have said the same thing.

Sabine said...

Sounds like a great evening. I'll have to get the book and read it, as there is no chance I can meet Amy in person. You lucky one.

stitch-dom said...

Sounds like a great evening. I haven't seen the book yet and may have to take a run to Chapter's to check it out sometime!