08 March 2007


That's the sound of the vet's cash register as Malcolm spends a second night there. He's in for tests relating to his continuing vomitting/weight loss problems. Yesterday, he was given barium which should have passed by this morning but was less than halfway home. As I told The Daughter, he can't come home til he poos. So far, it has been determined that there is swelling in the large intestine. The vet is unwilling to make a diagnosis at this point. I just hope it's something treatable.

In fatter days.


Miss Scarlett said...

Oh no. Poor Malcolm. And poor you guys. It is so awful when your pet is sick. And it is so awful how much it takes to pay the vet fees. I hope it is something treatable too! Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Poor kitty. I hope he gets well soon!

koko puff said...

Malcolm looks so cute in this picture! I hope he gets well soon!