15 March 2007

I Lied...Twice

The first lie isn't really a lie at all. I bought some more yarn despite saying that I would not. To explain, it is not a lie because I intended this purchase before I made that vow. Also, it's Sweet Georgia which is temporarily, possibly permanently, going out of business. Having admired Felicia's yarns for so long and knowing Lettuce Knit had got some, I made the promise to myself that next time I was there, if there was still any in stock, I'd pick up a skein of laceweight. It's limited edition, collectible yarn. I don't consider it a yarn purchase, as much as an investment.

On the way to LK, last night, we stopped in Courage My Love and there was this adorable straw clutch from the sixties. Want, want, open wallet...mine!

The second lie is one I told to myself in the last post when I said I had a handle on that tricky top down bolero pattern. Shortly after posting and about 30 rows in, many ugly errors became apparent and it was rip and rip again. I'm much less frog hesitant than I once was which has proven to be an asset in this case. Not to be broken by a knitting project, I cast right back on again with different needles and a new attitude. Here it is at row 18. You'll notice the short straights. I find establishing a complicated pattern easier when starting on small needles. I'll switch to circulars as the piece grows.


Andrea said...

I tried to explain the concept of collector yarn to my BF when I bought 6 skeins of Sweet Georgia on my last outing to Lettuce Knit. He didn't get it.

koko puff said...

Hey, nice yarn -- and great pic with the clutch! Have you decided what to do with it (the yarn, not the bag)?

Umm, I don't remember you making a promise not to buy more yarn...If no one heard it, does it count, I wonder?

Miss Scarlett said...

Ooooh Gorgeous yarn. What a great buy. I love that clutch too - how unique.
Hope the 2nd time is the charm with your bolero.

yvette said...

The yarn is gorgeous but your clutch is fabulous, a definite must have!