04 March 2007

Finally, Some Product

Pattern: Twiggy Tweed (Knitty)
Yarns: Briggs and Little Heritage (Jade)
Peace Fleece (Georgia Rose)
Finally, this bag is done. A project that began with such enthusiasm ended up being a lot of trouble and, honestly, yielded an average looking result. This is a very fussy project. Knitting the "holes" is a bother and leaves too many ends. There are too many pieces to fit together and way too much sewing. Frankly, if a friend hadn't sewn the lining for me on her machine, I likely would not have finished at all. My hand sewing skills are just too sloppy here and the purse definitely looks "homemade".
The one aspect of Twiggy Tweed that I find clever, is the use of a tee-shirt for the lining. The top of the lining is actually the neck of one of The Daughter's old shirts. A great opportunity to recycle a favourite fabric.

1 comment:

stitch-dom said...

I think its adorable! Do you think that looking at it and sweating over has left you feeling kind of "meh" about it?