04 February 2007

A Spot of Shopping With the Girls

  • Saturday afternoon found The Daughter and I chez Koko (and Kelly too) for a girlie time. Lunch was served - a delectable vegetarian lentil soup followed by decadent Italian cream horns and home made wine. Thank you again Kelly for the welcome. Other companionable pass times such as recipe exchanging, kitty cat worshipping, and of course, knitting, were followed by a delightful stroll through a blizzard to Knitomatic. There money was spent. In my defense, every single item seen here was marked down. As Hayley said about the adorable pearlescent plastic Swallow needles, they "need a home".

Besides the cute and cuter needles, I also grabbed a skein of Opal sock yarn in a dusty rose. Solid colour sock yarn is harder to find these days and I have been wanting to try a fancy lace sock of some sort. The Daughter wants wrist warmers and chose a gorgeous colourway Lang Tosca (55% wool, 45% acrylic). The pastel pink, yellow and blues suit her taste perfectly and the acrylic blend should make care a bit easier. In the "I have no idea what to do with it, I just like it" category are three beautiful peach toned skeins of Nature Cotton. Six dollars each people!

I also bought a Rebecca back issue with some scrumptious designs. I particularly drool over the red lace blouse. This one is my next garment project for sure.

Now all this shopping was made necessary by one grave error. Kelly is in possession of a (she says accurate) scale. Foolish me stepped upon the hated contraption and it's official. I can no longer live in denial. I have gained 25 pounds in under a year. Bummed? Yes. Surprised? Not really. The reasons are clear and are mostly my own doing.

  • I eat too much junk.
  • I drink too much.
  • I've practically stopped working out.
    • I also, have been on meds which are partly to blame, just partly. Anyway, I've started the weaning process from the drugs, so soon that excuse will be gone. The solution to this dilemma seems clear.

    • Stop eating junk. Make healthier choices.
    • Stop drinking too much.
    • Start working out regularly again.
      • Ok? You're all my witnesses.


        Andrea said...

        I've been wanting a ball of Opal Uni. Damn yarn diet.

        Good for you for nipping weight gain in the bud. Much harder when you've already gained an extra 40 pounds (been there, done that).

        koko puff said...

        It was great having you over! (Koko apologizes for the nip; she doesn't know what came over her; I apologize for having a scale. I can see I'll have to make house rules for guests in the future, like no scales, etc.)

        Nevermind, the pictures of your loot are great! I like the purple sweater/vestie thing as well.

        Miss Scarlett said...

        Mmmm look at that yarny goodness!
        Sorry to hear about your run in with the scale. Doesn't that suck?
        Good for you for setting some goals. Better for you for treating yourself to yarn. It's better than ice cream!
        The patterns in Rebecca look great.

        krista said...

        I witnessed! I'm out here, cheering for you!