17 February 2007

El Cheapo

It's a ridiculous amount of work.
Buy a second hand sweater of high quality yarn, unravel it, soak and wash and rinse. Then rinse some more.
Hang to dry. Then wind into balls.
What do you get?
Lovely peach lace weight and sore arms.
But it only cost three bucks.

Guess where the kitty treats are kept?


koko puff said...

I love Talbots. I am sure it was worth all the effort!

Miss Scarlett said...

Arghh - can't get the pictures to show.
I am sure it will be worth work in the end.

stitch-dom said...

That is very lovely wool! Now...once your arms stop aching every time you look at it...what are you going to do with it??

yvette said...

That wool is lovely, definitely worth the sore arms. Cute kitty picture too.