16 January 2007

It's Not A Toy. It's A Creative Outlet!

Meet Bebe, one of the Fashion Angels.

I received the set of four dolls as a Christmas gift from The Husband and The Daughter. I admired the set in a toy store one afternoon and they actually went back another day to buy it for me. How cool is my family? They buy me toys for Christmas! This is more touching to me than any expensive jewellry, electronics or whatever, could ever be.

The kit comes with four good quality cardboard dolls (ethnically diverse, of course) and a slew of patterns and materials to make their outfits. What fun! I made this ensemble last Saturday after watching an episode of
McMillan and Wife, in which Susan Saint James wears the cutest hat ever to a murder victim's funeral.

The Daughter is not allowed to play with the set without me. "Remember, it's Mommy's present," she was told.

Michelle says I'm weird but that it's a good thing. Hmmf!
I'm going to play with my dolls now.


Leah said...

Beautiful! Smashing! However, it has been brought to my attention, that I, your daughter, do not have a link on the 'Cool Knitters' sidebar!

Anonymous said...

My dear, all the best people I know are weird!

(Plus, I secretly think they're pretty cool)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that I never participated in the meme you tagged me for. Kelly had tagged me for that same one also. I just haven't had time. But I got it in mind.

koko puff said...

Michelle says you're weird?!? Well, coming from her you know that is a compliment!

I personally never really cottoned on to dolls. Shocking I am sure to those who know me. As a girl when my friends wanted to play dolls with me it was only because I designed really cool houses for them! I never actually touched the dolls...

But it is a lovely present and you seem to be enjoying it which is the main thing!