14 January 2007

I Must Not Drink and Email

I didn't even have the tequila! I had three pints and then came home, watched some bad tv and had a few more. Then I decided to surf for a while. Bad idea. The computer should be locked up when I've been drinking.

I've been on a bit of a Steven Heighton kick lately(see previous post). To be fair to myself, we're sort of contempories. We were at Queen's at the same time and I was reading his stuff in the school journals even back then. However, we've never met.

So, that night, I ended up on his home page and there on the bottom are two little words: contact me. So, I did. Mr. Heighton received a lovely pretentious email with my opinions on his writing and some deep questions which seemed very relevent at the time. And yo...he replied! In my inbox this morning was a polite response. I'm so embarrassed, I'll just crawl under something somewhere. This isn't my first episode of late night drunken emailing, but I usually contact people I actually know.
I've sent an apology for the intrusion.
Poetry lovers, please buy one of his collections; The Ecstasy of Skeptics or The Address Book. Then we'll say I did him a favour and call it even.

Next time I'll have the tequila.


Miss Scarlett said...

Oh no! But at least it wan't in person! That would be my preferred route to humiliation. So see, it could have been much worse. And he answered! So it can't be all bad. Oh the memories are flooding back - your post has triggered some serious if-only-they-would-remain-hazier concert going days...Thanks for the flashbacks! Oh, and thanks for the poets name. I was blown away by that poem.

Miss Scarlett said...

Ummm and somehow didn't see his name at the bottom - what the?? No I haven't had a pint or tequila. Lots and lots of popsicles and green tea - let's just blame it on the head cold.