27 January 2007

I Don't Have To...

Yes I am knitting. I've completed the toddler hat and the back of the sweater for Dulaan. I keep telling myself that I have to take pictures and post these things.
Wait a minute. Who says I have to? The fact is, I haven't done it because I've told myself I should and hence, no longer feel like it. By putting these demands on myself, I have turned my hobby, blogging, into a chore. Hello! It's supposed to be fun!

This is a theme with which I have been struggling for about a year now. We do not have to do anything (except die). Every single action we make, as adults, is a personal choice. It's very difficult to really get this but once you do, it changes everything. My first objection to this idea was "But, I have to feed my child." The response was "No you don't. You choose to feed her because you love her." How much more positive that sounds and feels. Allowing oneself choice also means sometimes choosing not to do something. I hate doing dishes, really hate it. So I choose not to do them as often. If the husband doesn't do them that night (usually he does but not always), this means dirty dishes on the counter until the next day. I can live with that if it means more time to knit. My choice.
Neat stuff. Another way I've heard it put is "Stop 'shoulding' all over yourself. Old habits are hard to break so, yes, I catch myself 'shoulding' still. At least I notice it now. It's all part of the journey.

So, a pictureless post with no knitting content. My blog, my choice. Pictures will come, when the photography urge is there, I will snap all my wee projects.

PS: Knitters may take over the world. Muahahaha...


Anonymous said...

Heh, its so true. Most of the long hiatuses on my blog are because I tell myself I can't post without photos and I sometimes don't have the time or energy for all that shooting, editing and uploading.

Life is choices.

Anonymous said...

It is so hard not to should all over your life, isn't it?
Great perspective jolting post. You have given me some things to think about.