18 January 2007

Current Subway Knitting

I've started another Broadripple using Patons KroySocks in Winter Eclipse. How I enjoy working this pattern. It's varied enough to keep it interesting yet simple enough to do while looking around.
Beyond the subway, I'm almost done a toddler hat for the Dulaan Project. I've also chosen a child's sweater pattern for the project that will perfectlly use up all the leftover yarn from The Daughter vest. I've yet to cast on though. Tzarina has been banished to the basket temporarily awaiting tweaking and severe blocking. It hangs funny and may or may not be a total disaster.

Check out these lovely sweaters. I recently purchased a photocopy of a 1920's knitting book that is full of flapper treasures. Such a comfortable era in woman's garments. Everything flowed and there wasn't the bother of wiry foundation pieces. Isn't it interesting that the war brought back girdles and stiff bras? I wonder why that is?
Unfortunately for me, the bottom right sweater, which is my favourite, turns out to be crocheted. Guess who's hopeless at crochet?


Anonymous said...

Broadripple is a great knit! Mine ended up a bit small and now belong to my daughter...but I may make myself another pair someday.

koko puff said...

Nice socks, girl! But I still can't believe you've gone to the sock side! There's so few people left on the non-sock side; it's starting to feel lonely over here...