28 December 2006

My Christmas Tree Is Lying On the Floor...

Well at least it was until about 10 minutes ago. Although a frightened kitty was spotted fleeing the scene, I believe the accident to be a random act of God...or gravity. It's back up now, leaning slightly into the wall. Needles and ornaments are still everywhere. I'm actually home sick from work today and cannot manhandle a vaccuum cleaner in my current state. Pushing the damn tree back up took all my strength. Miraculously, only one ornament broke.

The daughter,
Kelly and I went to Romni's Boxing Day sale yesterday. Yes, I should have stayed home then as well, but hindsight is blah, blah and the entire store was 25% off people! Though crowded, it was a civilized and festive event. Everyone was polite and just happy to be there. Much "Excuse me" and "Sorry, did you want past?" was heard. Don't you just love knitters?

I got a yellow Chibi with three small grafting needles. I discovered I needed small ones when knitting Barbie clothes for Christmas (pictures another day). I also bought a 3.5mm SRK Collection bamboo 80mm circular. Have you ever tried to knit pale blue, ultra fine yarn on pale grey aluminum needles? Those of you over forty will understand why a different colour needle was needed.

Now the yarn...picked up some more Confetti sock yarn for subway knitting. Not pictured is a skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50%wool/50% alpaca) that is fast becoming the collar of my Tzarina. It matches almost perfectly the colours I was using and will be nice and soft around my neck. The daughter chose 2 skeins of Lambs Pride Superwash Bulky in Emerald City to make a purse from Knitgrrls and one of Liola Ornaghi in a garish colourway that she likes.
My "because I like it" choice was three skeins Artful Yarns Serenade a cotton/angora blend. It's incredibly soft and I was surprised at the colour blend. the strands are pink, lavender and tan - not my usual preferences - and colours that I never would have guessed could look so lovely together.
I'm also trying to join a new webring, partly to widen my bloggy circle, but mostly because I dig the Canadian Fibre Arts embroidered flag icon. I'm not sure if I filled in all the fields correctly as I haven't had confirmation yet. I'll wait another week and try again. Can you guys see the links on my sidebar?


koko puff said...

Romni was fun! After we parted ways I did some Queen St shopping, took myself for lunch at the Epicure, and then, SOMEHOW, ended up in Kensington at Lettuce Knit. No good happened there. I couldn't resist the Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere! It was $5 cheaper per skein than Romni to start with and then 30% off! I can't wait to start my baby project.

PS. Yes, we can see the icon!

Yvette said...

Score baby!!

Anonymous said...

hmm.....new blogger doesn't like me...my comment got erased...
but just wanted to say I was at Romni too! and it was an incredible rush...I talked myself into leaving without spending more than $100, took a lot of self will.
and the can fibre icon totally rocks!

oh and thanks for the tag, the meme is now on my pre-new years to-do list ;p

Miss Scarlett said...

Looks like a very successful shopping trip indeed! Love those skeins of pink - they look so soft.
Great idea about the Ring - I just signed up too - thanks.
Also - the Chibi is so fantastic. I think of you everytime we use them - which is often,though you may not know that from the lack of FO's on my blog!