03 November 2006

We Went To alterknit and Found It Good

Last evening, the daughter and I joined Kelly, Michelle and Meredith for a little SnB at alterknit, (1024 St Clair Ave. W.) Toronto's newest yarn cafe. Coincidentally, a schoolmate of the Daughter's was there as well, so everyone had someone with whom to chat.
I had a thick, foamy, latte while knitting slippers. The kid ate spanikopita and made pom poms. Kelly, not having spent enough money last weekend at Rhinebeck, bought more yarn. (It's for a gifting so it doesn't really count.) A nice evening.

Reasons We Like it There:
  • It's spacious.
  • Pattern book browsing while sitting at a table.
  • The gorgeous yarn and accessories wall.
  • The coffee and tea comes in cool cups. Never underestimate the importance of crockery!
  • The women who own it are super friendly.
  • It's in my hood. I can walk there! This neighbourhood is definitely improving.

Presenting the evening's accomplishment. Lovely retro slippers, from the same pattern I wore as a kid. Yes, that's 100% acrylic you see. Hey, at least it's not Phentex. Ah, memories...


Not An Artist said...

Yay! We did have a great time, I can't believe I completely forgot to take photos. We shall have to do it again sometime!

Leah said...

Yes, AlterKnits was great! And what attractive lady is modeling that wonderful slipper? Oh yeah...me.

koko puff said...

I had a great night, and would be glad to do it again sometime!

vania said...

Thanks for posting about alterknit - i am a knitter who lives in this neighbourhood, and just did a google search for the store and your blog came up! I'm glad it's a good spot.

krista said...

Oh my god!!! How did you make those! I want to knit some!