09 November 2006

Things That Bug Me

  • P3tog
  • Watching someone else buy that gorgeous $45 skein of handpainted.
  • The skinny naked chick on the cover of Amy's new book. Yes Amy, I know it's not your fault! But really! The publishers felt it necessary to adorn the work of a beautiful, voluptuous woman, known for designing for other voluptuous girls, with a skinny naked chick? WTF?
  • People who push by me when I'm buying tokens at the TTC ticket booth - as if saying "Excuse me." while shoving me face first into the glass with your giant back pack makes it ok.
  • Jennifer Gray's nosejob.

All done now. Thanks for listening.


Miss Scarlett said...

P3tog - what are you making?

I seem to remember Jennifer Grey hating her nose job too - you can't even recognize her now.
I had a friend who got a nose job - I hated it. I liked her own nose. She never looked the same to me.

That cover is pretty bad! Yikes.

Not An Artist said...

Well if anyone should hate that nosejob it is Jennifer Grey herself -- apparently it pretty much ruined her career. No one recognized her as the cute girl in Dirty Dancing after she had her bump shaved down. Too bad, she looked better with it!

Not An Artist said...

And also? I hate P3Tog too, but not as much as P3Tog through the back. Argh.

krista said...

I hate p3tog too! Seriously, I really really hate it.

And I completely agree with not an artist. It's even worse through the back loop.

And the cover of the book? Well, it'll sell.

Leah said...

Well, I see your point...but aren't you being a little prejadice against skinny white girls? I mean, there's nothing wrong with being skinny and white!