23 November 2006

A Shimmering Lagoon

It finally arrived! and it's love. We met on the internet. I knew it had to be mine so I ordered a bunch. Then, it didn't arrive, and it didn't arrive some more. I was being stood up by yarn. Mild panic set in. Some of our mail has gone mysteriously missing in the past few months, so you can imagine my distress. I contacted the seller and she graciously offered to send more. I said, "Let's wait a wee while longer." Then the glorious day when, in a tyvec envelope that looks a mess, the parcel was dropped in the mailbox. Glorious.

It's three skeins of what was described as softball cotton in a nylon binder. The colour, entitled Lagoon, is handpainted by the seller, lotusblossom. This stuff is quite bulky but lighter than air. I have no idea what to use it for. Any ideas? For now, I just like looking at it, especially in the afternoon sun.
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Leah said...

It's simply gorgey. (Gorgey=Gorgeous)

koko puff said...

It is lovely! It's hard to tell if the texture would work, I think a nice cap sleeve summer top or cami would look beautiful in this yarn. It is so ocean-y it calls for something summery!