22 November 2006

Scanning Can Be Fun!

Ok. You asked for it...Presenting the best of the worst of my recent 1980's patterns acquisition. Get out your hair gel, headbands and micro-minis.

I admit that the actual sweater in the centre is not too bad but, that hair! I'm flashing back to Charlene What's-Her-Name from the television show Dallas.

The absolute, hands down, no contest, Worst of the Worst, comes from our friends at Filatura di Crosa. Who else? The picture speaks for itself.

Below are the patterns I actually like. They're all from scheepjeswol and are probably more recent. The top left corner one particularly intrigues me. Working with a softer, more "drapey" yarn and leaving the bottom of the body and sleeves open, instead of ribbed, would update this piece nicely. I really like that drawstring neckline.


canknitian said...

Filatura da crazzaaaay I think!

Baa Bonny Belle said...

I like the grey hooded ribbed sweater in the bottom set...Do you hear "Vogue" by Madonna in the air...Great pictures of why big hair should be OUT.

Happy American Thanksgiving wishes to my Canadian SP.