07 November 2006

Pylon Head! (Well not quite...)

Just finished putting a fresh henna on my hair. Ack!! Too orange!
I'm out of indigo and can't find more. The Indian food store where I used to buy it doesn't stock it anymore. The lady who owns the place discovered that indigo for hair is the same dye that is used on cloth. She's now convinced it's toxic and will not be persuaded otherwise. I did find one box at House of Spice in Kensington, but that seems to have been old stock and no more has appeared since.
A short henna tutorial: Straight henna used on grey hair will come out pylon orange. Attractive on certain types for sure...just not me. Therefore it is necessary to mix the henna with other ingredients to add browns and reds. I use espresso, beet juice, rosehip tea and INDIGO. I've used blueberry tea in the past, but it's not the same. That dark, dark blue, really turns the henna the deep shade of red that I love. It goes so well with my remaining brown hair and never looks like "old lady trying too hard".
So, I must have more indigo. Anyone know of a local source? Otherwise, a thorough scouring of Gerrard and Coxwell is in my future.


Miss Scarlett said...

Oh no! I can't help you but I wish I could.

Not An Artist said...

If Indigo is the same stuff they use on clothes, you could try G&S Dyes on Dundas (near University, accross from 52 division). They mainly sell fabric dyes so that would probably work.