19 November 2006

A Nice Gesture Really Helps

Friday evening at work, one of my co-workers hands me a heavy liquor store bag. "Here you go," she said. Inside are many knitting leaflets and magazines. Someone at her day job had brought them to the office to offer them up. There were no takers there, so this lovely lady thought of me and took the lot. It turns out that the majority are hideous eighties patterns, only good for laughing at (I'll scan and post some of the funniest ones another time). Still, I am so pleased to have been remembered. How cynical am I that I am always surprised by nice acts?


Miss Scarlett said...

That was nice of her! I don't think you are all that cynical - a true cynic wouldn't be taking part in swaps with strangers, now would they?
Kind acts are surprising - it is half their charm!

Sandi Purl said...

i think we're programmed for cynicality (new word). that way, when the sh*t hits the fan we're not suprised! is that cynical? LOL! can't wait to see the funny pix!