16 November 2006

My City's Vastness is Submerged

My city’s vastness is submerged in night.
Away from sleeping buildings, I take flight.
The people that I see think: daughter, wife,-
But I remembered one thing only: night.

A mild, July wind shows me where to go.
In someone’s house, music’s playing - slow.
Through thin walls of my ribs, - I know -
This wind, up until dawn, will blow.

There’s a lit up window and a poplar tree,
A flower in my hand, a church-bell’s plea,
This path I take in no one’s footsteps - free,
And this lone shadow, - there is no me.

Golden threads of city lights’ rays.
And in my mouth, - this bitter leaf’s taste.
My friends, release me from the day’s maze.
You’re merely dreaming all of this, dazed

Marina Tsvetaeva
1892 -1941


Miss Scarlett said...

Powerful imagery - is this a translation?

yvette said...

Hi Yvette, thanks for dropping by my blog, the same thing happened to me, I was about to comment and saw that I already had except it was you!