11 November 2006

The Fair

Off we went on our annual trip to the Royal Argricultural Fair today. We viewed giant pumpkins, mutant root vegetables and a 19 foot tall sunflower. The daughter and I met one cow among the hundreds present, who appeared to actually be thinking about something while chewing. I renewed my resolve to eat even less meat while petting a pig. The Daughter, who has embraced vegetarianism, felt no such guilt. We both moisturized our hands with lanolin by deeply scratching many, many beautiful sheep.
I filled my pack, as I do every year, with greatly discounted goat cheese from
Woolwich, smoked fish from Purvis Bros., and Crofters jam - all very yummy and generous with the on site free samples.

Then there was this.....
a small corner devoted to llama and alpaca raising. Present were one llama, and two adorable young alpacas. A few ladies and a meagre display of hats and mittens, promoted the wonders of their yarn. We're talking preaching to the choir here. A small wicker bowl contained about a dozen skeins for sale. I bought this natural tan colour llama - a 90 gram skein. I am seriously in love with the softness and rich texture. It tells me that it wants to be wrist warmers so it can be close to me every day. I'm hoping the yardage is enough for Fetching.


Miss Scarlett said...

Fetching is a great idea for the Alpaca. It sounds so soft.
I tried to go vegetarian last year but failed miserably when camping.
Now I just try to have meat quite rarely. Everytime I read something like your post I consider it all over again.

Leah said...

No such guilt for me, haha! Lovely picture of the yarn.