12 November 2006

Cold Toes No More

Did you ever have one of those days...the kind of day when all that will make it better is to just sit and do something incredibly boring and repetitive? I have fewer of them than I once did, but they still occur. Today was one and all I could do to ignore the looming grey sadness was pull yarn through my needle over and over. Happily, the result is this:

Does anybody remember when I started this rug? It's been sitting in the WIP basket for so long because it became too damn dull to finish. It was just waiting for a gloomy Sunday afternoon to bring it out again. Now, it's done and it's quite pretty isn't it? It even has a rubbery backing sewn on to prevent slips. The day was not a waste after all.

Here it is in it's intended place between the bed and the dresser. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I'll be able to put my feet down while groping about for my slippers. Sweet.


krista said...

Hey! It is really pretty! Nice job.

One day, when I get the chance to come out to pub night, or lettuce knit, I'll see if you are going too and ask for the pattern. Thanks. I do really want it.

I live even further from Toronto now, so I am a little more lazy about going downtown- but I do want to come out still sometimes to see all the t dot knitters.

Baa Bonny Belle said...

Lovely rug. Braided? Perfect project to while away that gloomy day.

Laurie said...

Awsome rug - the colours are beautiful!

Sandi Purl said...

luvin' the rug! a rainbow of warmth. great to see you (briefly) on Friday.

Yvette said...

Yes braided. I corked icord from odds and ends of acrylic yarns then braided them together.

Miss Scarlett said...

That looks fanatastic! I love those rugs. So old fashioned and practical. Very whimsical.
I might have to learn how to make one myself.