27 November 2006

Christmas Knitting?

I knit, therefore I Christmas knit.

The time of year has arrived when those two words (C K'ing) pop up everywhere. I have mildly considered items and half heartedly flipped through my patterns. Nothing has been started.
The problem is, I don't really feel like it. I have knitted gifts in the past, some of which have been warmly received. It's this feeling of obligation that has me down. I keep thinking about a conversation with Aleta months ago at a Drunken Knit Night. She was working on a baby garment gift and reflecting on the fact that knitting anything, especially something good enough to gift, takes time, care and a certain amount of passion. One wants the receiver to understand the value of the gift beyond the mere utility of the item.
Therin lies the rub. Nobody in my extended family "gets" knitting, though, of course they all know about my obsession. They think it's quaint, or cute or just boring. I've been told not to waste my money on good yarns when it's so much cheaper at Wal-Mart. I have been told that our monthly get togethers should be about charity knitting. Why else would a bunch of women get together if not to do for others? Surely not to enjoy each other's company or share the love of a craft? Certainly not to drink beer!
So, as you may have guessed, I shall not be doing any Christmas knitting this year. If it feels like an obligation, why bother?

Instead, my entire family - sisters, brothers in law, nieces, nephews and parents - are receiving animal adoptions from the World Wildlife Fund. They may not "get" that either (well, the kids will) but at least I feel good about it. Check out the WWF Shop here. Forty dollars gets a small stuffy of the endangered animal, a sticker, a personalized adoption certificate and a brochure detailing the work that the gift is funding. Also, you get a tax receipt for thirty dollars. What could be better?


Kelly said...

I totally understand your decision and I think the WWF idea is a great one! Don't waste your talent and effort on those that won't appreciate it and make sure you gift yourself with some fabulous, fancy yarn!

Not An Artist said...

You are my hero. Everyone on my list is getting adorable WWF plushies for xmas!

elisabetha said...

WWF adoptions are the best presents, and always warmly received! And they bumped up the size of the plush animals this year, which is a good move I think. I sympathize with your decision not to christmas knit. When I decide to knit for somebody, I tend to take them through the process (i.e. let them pick out their own yarn, decide on a pattern together etc.) so that they end up appreciating the gift so much more.

Thanks for visiting & linking my bloggie! You've got quite a sense of style yourself - I'll for sure be visiting! cheers :)