16 October 2006

Three Words

Cute, cute, and cute. How cute is this? I felt like a quick knit after two sweaters dominating so much of my energy. This is Twiggy Tweed from the current issue of Knitty. I cast mine on last Thursday and so far the back, front, and one insert panel are complete. I'd predict a super soon finish date except that the lining instructions include a dirty word (sewing...shh).

I've been using some Briggs and Little Heritage from my stash and am really enjoying it. What a tactile experience. Here is a truly wooly wool - perfect for a bag. It's thick and slightly rough. Rather than the soft, airy yarns about which one usually waxes poetic, this stuff feels somehow reliable and warm, rural even. And the scent! Wooly coats in Canadian winter.

What fun to use a traditional, seemingly old fashioned product to make this funky little bag. If it goes well, I may make a couple as Christmas gifts for the nieces. Pictures soon.


koko puff said...

One word...can you guess what it is...CUTE!

sarah fay said...


and so much progress since friday

I'm glad the gaping holes worked out in the end : )

ps. thanks again for the Warhol ticket, I'm going to go on Thursday

Leah said...

Stunning purse! Love the colors, clashy and matchy at the same time. (Psst...Christmas is coming up, and I like purses)

krista said...

It looks great! Nice job. I agree with the clashy and matchy thing- great colours.