02 October 2006

Ten Months Later...

So, the damn never ending brown sweater has ended. It looks like crap.
The daughter, who is nothing if not honest, says,
"No offense, but it makes you look fat."
She's right. The bottom edge goes across the exact widest part of my hips giving the effect of a giant, squarish cushion. After much posing in front of the mirror, it was decided that it has to be cut and made a whole lot shorter or stretched to become a whole lot longer. We're going with longer. Hopefully the miracle of blocking comes through here. Pictures soon.

Also, I spent $40.00 on specialty cat food today in an effort to plump up my rapidly shrinking Malcolm. This after $400 dollars worth of tests to find out everything that's not wrong with him. He doesn't have a parasite, or thyroid problem or kidney failure or leukemia. He's just intestinally challenged for no obvious reason and not absorbing nutrients. So he is now eating a mix of hypo-allergenic for intestinal health and developmental for weight gain. I hope this helps.


Kelly said...

That's always my fear about knitting a sweater. What if after all that work and yarn it just looks like crap on me?

Not An Artist said...

Poor kitty! I hope he gets better and gains some weight soon.

koko puff said...

I hope Malcolm starts eating the new food!

PS. I don't believe YOU could look fat unless you wore a comforter under that sweater, I don't care how misshapen it is!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh - aren't Vet bills awful? There is no way it costs that much to run the tests! Madness. I hope the new food works - skinny cats are sad things to behold.