23 October 2006

Tangled Mess

Frustrated with my jumbled WIPs, I dumped them onto the floor for a photo shoot. Here we have 98% of daughter sweater vest. one and three quarters Regia Broadripple socks an all the bag pieces. It's been catch as catch can subway knitting for the last ten days. Small bits that require little elbow room have been the only possibility. Details like grafting and finishing have been on hold. This recent long haul of work has me too exhausted to knit tonight.

I have a glorious day off tomorrow! I intend to finish one item, probably the sweater. I'll likely block the purse pieces as well. I shall play the stereo very loud while doing this. Let's see...The Band for sure and also Blondie's Parallel Lines will be on the turntable. Wanna come over and dance?


Kelly said...

Stay strong! You can do it!

Miss Scarlett said...

Sounds like you are going to have the best day off!!
Lucky lady - enjoy yourself.
Do you knit and dance at the same time?

Yvette said...

Not knitting, but I have been known to take the vaccuum cleaner for a turn.