30 October 2006

Socks, Gourd, Yarn and Buttons

Finished the Broadripple socks last night and we shot them in the early morning sun.

Everybody loves a decorative gourd!

My latest stash enhancement - 500 grams of yummy purple laceweight alpaca from Peru4less.

The daughter's pinback collection. My favourites are Blythe, the sushi, and, of course, Knitty.

Alice wanted in on the yarn love. Look how healthy she's become!


Baa Bonny Belle said...

Who's lovin' socks now? Good to see such great work on your feet.

Christy J said...

The broadpripples look really nice in that yarn. Also I recognized Emily in your daughter's pins. My daughter had Emily T-shirts when she was in school and Emily would have to be my favorite.

Not An Artist said...

The socks are great, and the kitty is cute, and I can't believe what a great deal you got on that alpaca... if only I hadn't just busted the bank shopping over the past few weeks. Sigh.

koko puff said...

There's some sock love going on here!

I like the buttons - am particularly partial to ART MATTERS! I'll bring another one for Leah's collection when I see you.

PS. AlterKnits on Thursday night? Sounds good to me. Time? After 6 would probably work best for me - maybe 6:30 more realistic.

Scheherazaad said...

Nothing like fresh socks in the morning! They are so pretty.

Miss Scarlett said...

Alice looks so sleek and plump! How heartwarming to see.
I love your socks - they look great on you. And what lovely hands you have!

Leah said...

Those are actually MY hands you see in the photo, I was modeling the faboo socks.

Yvette said...

She's very sensitive about her hands. Hours of work go into them.
Mine are gnarly.

krista said...

I love that ART MATTERS one.