05 October 2006

The Miracle of Blocking Strikes Again

Her it is at last: the floppy brown sweater. While I'm not in love with it, I do like it. The blocking helped immensely. I was going for the comfy, lived-in look and I did achieve that. The element of which I am the most proud is the neckline. The pattern called for a cowl but I substituted a 2x2 ribbed collar It looks smashing. Another modification is the plain sleeves. The scallop pattern was supposed to be carried throughout, but there is such a thing as too much pattern.

Pattern: Relief Pattern Sweater from September 2005 Sandra Knitting
Yarn: Recycled 100% cotton from a thrift store man's sweater
Needles: 5mm straights for body and 4.5mm circulars for neck

Found Kitty Update:
No calls yet. In the middle of the night she was crying loudly from her bathroom "hotel room". I opened the door to check on her and she headed straight for the daughter's room. Jumped up onto the bed, behind the sleeping daughter's knees, rolled up and commenced purring. Who am I to argue with such cuteness? I went back to bed.


Kelly said...

I think you found yourself a new family member.

Nicely done on the sweater!

Anon Ymous said...
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koko puff said...

The sweater looks great! Hmmm, I think the kitty has a home!