04 October 2006

Found A Kitty

She was meowing in the bushes at the park next to my house(Dufferin and Brandon if anyone recognizes her). She's just the skinniest little thing and it was raining so, of course, I had to bring her home. She's super friendly with people, thus she most likely has a home and is just lost. We put up FOUND posters in the neighbourhood and are waiting to hear. Until then, she's living like a queen in our spare bathrooom with a bed, food & drink, and a litter box.


koko puff said...

OMG She is sooooo cute! Have you temporarily named her?

Not An Artist said...

My goodness she is cute... could be my Guinness' twin, in fact!

Miss Scarlett said...

Ohhh. Poor little girl. She looks exactly like my cousin's favourite cat.
I hope everything turns out well for her.