10 October 2006

Feline Update

We appear to have become a three cat family. The boys, Francois and Malcolm are just coming around and are now speaking to us again. The wee girl is looking healthier everyday and is exploring the house tentatively. She no longer hisses at the other cats, though she does give Francois, who is three times her size, a wide berth. Francois is appreciative of such deference.
The daughter has named the girl Alice.

Malcolm's health seems to be improving as well. When he was at his worst, there were swollen glands around his hip area - an indication of whatever weird infection he was fighting. The swelling is now gone and his fur looks much shinier. The hypo allergenic diet seems to have calmed his digestive difficulties. In the morning, when no one else is looking, he also gets a bit of the high calorie yummy stuff mixed in. I believe he's gaining weight! Thank goodness. I love the goofy little guy to distraction and was ever so worried about him.


Miss Scarlett said...

I'm glad you kitty is feeling better. Very young children and animals should never be sick - it is heartbreaking that they can't tell you what is wrong. :-(
I am so glad you kept the lost kitty! Lucky girl. Alice is a sweet name.

Miss Scarlett said...

That would be YOUR kitty - not you kitty!

Leah said...

What a cute kitty cat! Who came up with that dazzling name? lol...me