14 September 2006

Yarn I Am Not Buying

For the first time in about seven years, my outstanding credit card balance is larger than my bank balance. Thus, I will not be buying this stunning handpainted cotton/rayon blend that is on Ebay right now. I shall ignore the fact that the colours are some of my favourites and that cotton blends get me hot. I'll just look at the picture and bookmark the seller and hope she does something similar when and if I ever have money again.

Poverty sucks.


koko puff said...

That's not a very Canadian attitude, ya know! We Canadians typically embrace debt...I did notice that you must have a plan B as you did not disclose the ebay link or item #!

Miss Scarlett said...

Yes, yes it does.

I was looking at some sock yarn online last night and I very nearly bought it - until I saw that it was $10 flat rate shipping.
But this is a Canadian company.
Forget it.

I can save up and buy from my LYS at that price.

Not fun having to make those kind of choices though is it?