06 September 2006

Multi Faceted Posting For Lack of a Better Title

I Got Da Blues

Only the second day of "back to school' and I'm lost and miserable already. I really like the slower rhythm of summer vacation and dread its end every year. Now it's back to up early (soon in the dark), lunch making and homework nagging. On days when I'm not working, the house is too damn quiet. Like today. So I'm listening to Bob Snider. The daughter is at dinner with a friend this evening so I'll be going to LK for a dose of knitterly cheer.

Vacation Update

As promised, a vacation tale or two:

This is our favourite anchorage. When we got there, we couldn't believe our eyes. The shore looked like a garbage dump. Obviously, many parties have taken place over the last 2 years. There were beer bottles and cans and plastic everywhere. The fire pit had been doubled in size and was full of broken glass. And some genius had pulled down a small tree and tried to burn it whole. It's all so sad. Now, I don't care if kids want to party. They can get drunk on Lakeport and cheap sherry and eat canned bologna (seriously, we found canned bologna!). They can puke their guts out or even fall in the lake and drown. Just put your garbage back in the boat before leaving. Is that too much to ask?

We got to work and ended up with four garbage bags full before our wee campsite, which we call Stumpy Cove, was nice again.

I managed one early morning walk alone while the family slept. I took a bunch of photos in a meadow. This is one I'm most proud of .

The daughter spent an afternoon collecting moss and such to make "food". Aren't her sculptures beautiful? I wished I could somehow preserve them and bring them home.

The End of Secret Pal 8

I received this surprise thank you gift from my spoilee, KnittnFool aka Miss Scarlett yesterday. She also sent some yarn. How sweet of her. I have so enjoyed watching her blog over the past three months. As I mentioned to her already, you can see her interest in both knitting and blogging grow with every post. What I have most admired about Scarlett is her good cheer and busy ways. She obviously has a huge heart and I'm glad I got to know her a bit through the exchange. Her blog now joins my sidebar.
I haven't got the reveal on my spoiler yet, but I've heard it's on the way. You'll know as soon as I do.


secret mcsecretson said...

I'm still hoping for a postal miracle that will bring the package to you today instead of tomorrow. :)

deirdre said...

So I am dying to know where in Burlington you grew up?

And I commiserate completely with the back-to-school blues - I think we are in the minority, but I am totally depressed for the first week or so - knitting helps some...

Your campsite looks lovely, although what a pain to have to do so much clean-up!!!! Where is it?

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh man. It can be really hard to have the kids go back to school (well, as I've witnessed since I have no children of my own yet).
You are not the only Mom feeling a little lost.
I do hear you about the summer mode - the laid back, get to it when you can mentality that comes of not having to get somewhere by 9 AM!
You are so lucky to be near LK - I have seen it on many blogs and I am jealous!! That is a good place to go and cheer yourself up.

Total bummer about the beach. I hate litter. 4 bags! That is outrageous.
That is an excellent photo and your daughter's food is fantastic. That is what kids should be doing. Not eating canned bologna while getting drunk. Teenagers. I guess alcohol does numb your tastebuds - or something!

Glad you got my surprise - I so enjoyed this exchange with you.
Thank you so much for your kind comments. I just added your blog to my sidebar tonight too!

BTW I love your answer to the question Blogger asks in your profile. Made me laugh out loud!
We garden in gravel in some parts of town here. Composting is my very good friend let me tell you.