02 September 2006

I'm Back

Poop and crap and other nasty words...didn't get the job. I foolishly phoned home to check messages in the middle of my vacation to get the bad news. Not too bright. The result was too much wine and many tears by the campfire.
Over it now...mostly.

So, yes I have been away for the past week on a houseboat in the Kawarthas. Our little family does this every other summer. This was our fifth trip. We rent from Egan Marine, a family business in Omemee, just outside Peterborough. We had some fine adventures, the stories of which will have to wait for another day. I'll post a few pictures now. More later.

Here I am trying to photograph myself and the boat from the shore of Big Island in Pigeon Lake.

Shaking out the bedding in the early morning at the lock in Bobcaygeon.

Of course there was knitting!

I also found a very nice yarn store in Peterborough. Yarn Ewetopia (cute, yes?). There I fondled yarn and bought myself Wrap Style which I have wanted for a long time. This did wonders toward easing my pain.


Miss Scarlett said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job. That's a shame.
I've been houseboating once in the Okanagan - it was so relaxing. It makes for a great family trip. I love it when families have traditions like yours. There is something reassuring about them.
Incidentally Bobcaygeon is one of those Hip songs I love.

Ewetopia is such a cute name. Clever types, these knitters.

koko puff said...

Hi Yvette - sorry about the job...hope the knitting vacation cheers you up! That book looks great - I must check it out.

Dipsy D. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the job! But I think your vacation made up a bit for it, it seems to have been so beautiful, and I so love the pics that you shared! Don't be too sad over the job, sometimes there's a reason for things like that... the one you'll get eventually will be the perfect one!