18 August 2006

Tomato Pickin Packages

A package arrived this morning hand delivered by my friendly postal carrier. Yes, she really is friendly and actually knocks on the door when I have a package. Inside the envelope were all these individually wrapped gifts. I was so excited, I almost forgot to photograph them before ripping them open. My SP sent a vintage glove pattern book, a set of dpn's and some cute posty notes. There was also a bath bomb that didn't get in the picture. Perhaps it didn't receive the memo? On a more personal note, there is a New Brunswick fridge magnet and a beautiful postcard of Fredericton. This increases my resolve to get to the East Coast someday. The flower photos I can only assume, are from her garden?

Best of all - FLEECE ARTIST!!! Check out the stunning colour! It's good enough to eat. Thank you, thank you Secret McSecretson!

Since today is Tomato Pick Out day here at the farm, the SP photo shoot took place in the garden. Here is an anonymous farmer deep within the tomato plants.

Right now, a giant pot of sauce simmers on the stove. It will be frozen into individual containers for the winter. Mmmm...


Not An Artist said...

Snakes on a PLANE!!! I am so in for an alternate date for this... let me know...

Luck thing, what a great package from secret mcsecretson! Fleece Artist, yum!

secret mcsecretson said...

I am SO glad you like the package! Your entry completely made my day.

Oh, about the "bath bomb"...it's better than a bath bomb! It's called a bubble bar (this one is yours). Just break off a little piece at a time. The guy at lush said that even a little piece will make lots and lots of bubbles!

About the flowers -- I took those pictures at a local park. Sadly, I don't have a garden. YET.

And, about the needles -- Bryspun DPNs are my absolute favourites. I hope you'll enjoy them too!

mjm knitting said...

What a lovely goodies package you got.

Hey with your tomatoe sauce and not an artist' dessert cake, there should be a knitty drunkin potluck night.