23 August 2006

I've Been Busy

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."


Yes, I have been knitting - quite busily in fact. The daughter socks are almost done. I just need to graft the toes together. The yarn is DG Confetti Superwash from the bargain bin at Romni. I totally dig the stripe pattern. This time I used 2.5mm needles so, hopefully, no baggy ankles.

Her 'back-to-school' sweater has been begun as well. She chose this pattern out of all the possibilities presented and, wouldn't ya know it? The entire garment is two by two ribbing. I may go insane. Thank goodness for the softness of the merino/alpaca blend to take my mind off the tedium.

Ok, Kniterati, send your happy thoughts. Had a job interview this afternoon for a position I really, really, really want. It went well but good vibes sent my way would be appreciated.


secret mcsecretson said...

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you.

Baa Bonny Belle said...

Great socks...see, there was a sock knitter just waiting to blossom in you.

koko puff said...

Okay, I will wish you good thoughts about the job interview, but in return you will have to stop picking on Mrs. Peeps who only learned to knit in FEBRUARY this year! Who is she to deny Kelly the pleasure of knitting for her?

Chelle said...

Postive job thoughts for you!! Good luck!

BTW, your socks are lovely!