09 July 2006

A Sock and A Party

Ta Da! Here it is! My first sock. It is nowhere near perfect, but remember it is my first sock. So, the ribbing is horrid and the ankle is baggy and the toe grafting is...ahem...weak. I forgive myself the errors. In the proper spirit of the first sock, I decided to stick exactly to the pattern even though I suspected the baggy ankle problem early on. If I ever knit a third sock, I'll try a bit more shaping.
I am no longer a sock virgin.

The daughter and I had a wonderful time at Amy's Big Leap Party. As usual, the knitters were warm and friendly so, she felt welcome. When I asked her if she wanted to go home, she replied that she was enjoying listening to everyone's conversations. What was supposed to be "We'll just drop by for twenty minutes," became two and a half hours. The new Lettuce Knit is beautiful and Amy was glowing (with pride and champagne).

So she wouldn't get too bored, I bought the daughter a ball of yarn and a pair of huge needles - the only kind she likes. She chose this gorgeous Misti Cotton. It feels like heaven. The 17% silk makes all the difference. Laura let her use the ball winder. (Now she's convinced that we need one. She may be right). Then I cast on 16 stitches for her and she started another of her big loop, garter stitch scarves. She's still at the stage in knitting where she needs to see fast results or she gets discouraged. This is just fine - all part of the process.


Baa Bonny Belle said...

Great job! Good to see the magic loop worked for you. Who needs dpn's right? Well, I do...I'm not too found of the two circ method myself. A jab from ninja sock keeps me awake anyways.

koko puff said...

Congrats on the sock! ...but will you still associate with sock virgins? :)

krista said...

Oh now I get it- that pair of socks up there was your first pair! Well- no one orgasms the first time do they?