18 June 2006

Drunken Knitting

Friday past was the monthly gathering of Team Canada knitters. A few of us stayed a little later than usual and perhaps drank a bit more than usual. A bit more laundry was aired than usual and, man, it felt great. Thank you ladies for keeping the 'bitch' in "stitch and bitch".

Favourite moments of the night:
Sophia asking "Does anyone have a tape measure?" and at least six are offered up simultaneously.
Jen's farewell of "Well bitches, I'm out!" Eloquent.
Lisa and hearing tales of her famous pink fluffy shrug (among other things).
*Being able to contribute in a teensy way to the Dulaan Project by producing a pom pom maker to finish off
Aleta's hat.

In the morning after category:
Knitted the whole second sleeve of my sweater while drinking and yammering. The entire sweater thus far has been knitted with loose, loopy, uneven gauge (left sleeve in photo). The recycled yarn has no stretch and splits easily. I kind of like the result so - no biggy. Saturday morning I peruse my work of the night before and see tight, even and neat stitches (right sleeve in photo). Even stranger is that the drunker I became, and the further up the sleeve I worked, the neater the stitches! The sleeve is way more narrow than the other and must now be frogged back. Still, quite the phenomena.

Garden Shots Taken Today

The rose came with the house. I believe it is a an old variety.

Look at the size of that tomato!

One of my many, many portulacas. A personal favurite.

I'm getting the hang of the macro function!


Kelly said...

Wow, are those roses ever fantastic.

Not An Artist said...

So the moral of the story is... Yvette knits neater drunk? ;)

koko puff said...

Drunken knitting - just another way to make knitting even more challenging! I find there gets to be a point in the evening where one must say no - either to more knitting or to more beer. The sign of a new knitter is surely that they (I) say no to more knitting...

Great macro pics!

Leah said...

Lovely photos, it's so interesting to see my garden on the internet.