07 June 2006

Current Projects

I've gone back to that brown sweater. The front and back were done a while ago and I've just started the first sleeve. I'm starting to resent this project as it's been in my basket for forever. Time to do a big push and get it done! The pattern is from Sandra magazine. It's the lavender one in the upper left corner of the picture.

My other current fiber project has been the unravelling of a sweater I came across at a rummage sale for fifty cents. The yarn is a silk/cotton blend and I just love the coral colour. I fear that the sweater's owner may have abused the yarn beyond salvage (hot machine wash, anyone?). We'll see how it looks after a soak and straighten.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!

Debbie said...

Love the earrings! Good luck with the coral yarn. Great color.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! ;)