25 May 2006

So Far

On the left, my front garden bed so far. I know it doesn't look like much, but keep in mind that a week ago, it was paving stones over gravel and clay. When the perennials get established, it will be quite lovely.

There was also this half barrel in the yard when we bought the house. I dragged it out in front of the porch and planted this adorable Dwarf Alberta Spruce. The picture on this gray morning doesn't do it justice. The green is such a fresh, lush, shade and the needles are soft and tender. Such a nice baby tree.

The Diamond Fantasy shawl so far... a little more than half finished. I am just now getting the real rhythm of the pattern and can knit each row with just one glance at the chart. One of the things I love about knitting (among many) is the way a pattern makes mathematical sense and yet the process is aesthetically beautiful at the same time. The repeats of a pattern become almost a mantra as you work along, rather like the meter of a nursery rhyme.

Oops, I accidentally went off my yarn diet. I was surfing Ebay, just looking, and came across an auction for six balls of Tahki Positano in black, with only one bid. The auction was almost over and the price was pretty near free. You can understand that I was personally offended that someone should be getting such lovely yarn for practically nothing. So, I threw a few dollars on the bid just to make the other person pay more. To my surprise, I won the auction. As I never seriously intended to win, this doesn't count as going off the yarn diet. Does it?


koko puff said...

This was absolutely NOT falling off the yarn wagon -- it was a rescue mission! Completely ultruistic. Good karma.

Not An Artist said...

I'm with Koko. It was an act of mercy. Yarn mercy!

Anonymous said...

Acts of mercy are definitely allowed, surely? I love the Diamond Fantasy Shawl too, its a great pattern.