10 May 2006

Neckline, Baby!

Ah, perhaps this is a store bought sweater, with that smooth and professional looking neckline. It must have cost a great deal.
No? You don't say! Yvette made this by hand? Tres magnifique!

Yes, it's true. Just a few ends to weave in and it's done. If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I shall get the daughter to photograph me outdoors wearing the petite masterpiece.

Thanks again
Wanietta for the neckline tips and Sherrill for the yarn.


Wannietta said...

You rocked it Yvette! I can't wait to see it modelled.

koko puff said...

Yvette, after seeing the shirt in-person last night, I have to tell you how impressed I was! It was absolutely beautiful. You did a magnificent job and the neckline was perfect!