22 May 2006

Instruction Help Please

Does anybody understand this instruction?

k10, swt, k1, sl1 wyif, k10

It's a short rows project - 'swt' being slip, wrap turn.
Does 'wyif' mean 'with yarn in front' and if so, how does one accomplish this without ending up with a big knot!


Erin said...

Hey Yvette! It does mean with yarn in front, and to visualize better, think of slipping purlwise - the yarn would be in front! Then move it back for the final 10 k sts.

Hope that helps!

Not An Artist said...

Yep, when you get to that stitch just pull the yarn forward as if to purl, slip one, then pull the yarn back as if to knit.

Yvette said...

Thanks guys! I think I get it. I"ll let you know.

krista said...

that sounds like the instructions to the twirly scarf in scarfstyle... is that what you are making? How weird would that be, if I guessed right based on this post.

Yvette said...

Wrong guess Krista. It's the Persian Slippers pattern I purchased last month.