14 May 2006

Happy Mother's Day To Me

I've had a nice Mother's Day. The weather turned out better than predicted. Thus, outdoor time was possible and that is what I really wanted to do with "my" day. Strolled around the new neighbourhood's garden centre (quite impressive) with the family and bought a few plants. I managed to get a couple of containers planted which made me feel like finally some progress is being made with the mess that is our outside. Our street is basically a parking lot. They love their cars here, so garages and paved fronts abound. We have a pad but no car. We have decided to keep it in the interest of the house value but I intend to rip up all the paving stones alongside and plant a perennial garden. I also want pots and containers everywhere possible. I will be the freak of the neighbourhood with unmanicured green space and no vehicle. I figure if the neighbours whisper about me for riding a bike and not hosing down my sidewalk, my job is done.

Check out the gorgeous gift from the daughter. She bought the little bag from a fundraiser at school and sculpted the beautiful needle ends herself with Femo. The husband baked the Femo for her and epoxied them onto the needles. I couldn't have been more surprised or delighted. What a remarkable gift.


Baa Bonny Belle said...

Our kids are amazing, aren't they? Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day.

Dipsy Doodle said...

Hi from Austria! Your garden plans sound so fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pics when you're done with it!
Such a lovely gift you received from your daughter, she seems to be so very thoughtful - kids sure are amazing indeed!
Dipsy D. http://www.millharrow.com/weblog

koko puff said...

I'm so excited I'm moving into your neighborhood and might be able to see your garden in person once in awhile!

Anna said...

*sigh* You're such a lucky mommy! Your daughter could make a mint off of selling those. Thanks for checking out my page, too! I'm not too much into knitting Barbie outfits, as knitting is less forgiving than crochet, but I may give it a gander someday! :-)