13 April 2006

Re: Yarn Diet

I am bummed that I can't go to the TTC Knit-a-long because of my afore sworn yarn diet. I just can't justify passing on a shift at work and going on a shopping spree. I'll be sad to miss the fun but I must be strong.

I am going to attend the DKC's Knitter's Frolic. I have planned on this for months and it will be my first Saturday off since December. I shall mingle and make new friends and knit and not spend outrageously. Also, I am desperate to take Wanietta's buttonhole and picking up for neckline workshop. These are two of my weakest skills and the class is inexpensive. I hope it's not too late to register?

5 Songs Yvette Currently Plays Over and Over:

(I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May - Suzanne Vega
Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
Highway One - Murray McLaughlin
I'll Cover You (Reprise) - Rent Soundtrack
Tired of Sleeping - Suzanne Vega


Not An Artist said...

I keep meaning to sign up for the DKC since they're always having these great events. But I'm a little intimidated by the idea of that many knitters...

koko puff said...

Hi Yvette - maybe I'll see you at the DKC...I'm not taking any classes but I plan to sightsee and shop!

The Silent K said...


I'd love to see you again.

I wasn't going to go because I eally don;t have the money and I don;t need more yarn eithe. THEN- I was sucked into joining secret pal 8, and now I figure that it is my duty, as a good secret pal, to go to this and find something cute to send to my secret pal... there is always a justification in there somewhere... come on.

The Silent K said...

I am the worst at making stupid typos. I hope you could make out what I was trying to type there. duh.

It's a wonder that I manage to type the verification codes properly.