01 April 2006

Lucky, Lucky Timing

Popped into Romni yesterday to do a quick exchange. "Two minutes in and out," I'm thinking. A quick nip down to the basement to get the correct skein. I know exactly where it is. This is going great. Then...
"KIKKI!", I exclaim, noticing the two large baskets at my feet.
"I just brought it down," says nice lady who sorts and marks in the sale room. "It's $4.25 a skein. I haven't even marked it yet."
Be still my heart. I have a passion for Kikki. Don't really need any more yarn right now but, What a deal. It can't last long. How can I pass this up?

So, all you cotton blend freaks - head to Romni for an amazing deal. Just don't look for the green(#106). I bought it all.

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