07 April 2006

Back Is Done

So far so good. The transition from circs to straights to affect the pattern switch went very smoothly. I believe it will fit too. The front has just been started, and I will continue with it this evening at Team Canada pub night. You're all coming right?

Hey! Look at what I made! I never thought I'd be able to bead but I found the instructions in a book and gave it a whirl. Pleased am I...yes... with my pretty new stitch markers. They are super easy to make and it's so much cheaper than buying the fancy ones.

Now, speaking of knitting costs...I am actually putting this down in writing...I am going on a yarn diet! For the next while, no more yarn, accessory, magazine, or book purchases. I mean it. I've done a rough estimate of how much I've spent in the last few weeks and it's rather shocking. Mind you, I've gotten some great deals, but the total is still up there. Let's see...all that Romni yarn (on sale) of the last post, a new book at Indigo (on sale due to ripped cover), and the latest Vogue Knitting (so lovely).

Two days ago I bought 10 skeins of the fingering yarn pictured on the left on ebay. I wanted it specifically to try the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. All those gorgeous Olympic Knitting shawls inspired me to buy (that word again) an intricate lace pattern.

I've decided to rely less on fibre therapy and more on real therapy. Regular readers of my blog may have read between the lines and seen that I am not the happiest camper lately. So, some money has been put aside and I've found a good therapist to help me work out some of my issues. Too much information, you say? I only write it down to make it seem more concrete. I am actually a little excited. It's been many years since I've been in therapy and it was a positive force in my life then. However, it ain't cheap, so a strict yarn diet will help pay for an extra session or two. I, of course, will continue to knit many of my troubles away with my current stash. Wish me luck.

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The Silent K said...

yeah, I had a good time Firday night. It was great to meet you. And we are neighbours on the GTA ring!

As or the therapy and it being too much information- well as you may have noticed I let it all hang out on my sanctuary of webspace, so it aint too much information to me sister.

I think EVERYONE could use therapy at different points in their lives.