30 April 2006

Best Intentions

No knitting to report. I should never have said I was going to finish the red top this weekend. In fact, I never picked it up at all.
I spent most of today continuing the work on the house. The pile of waste in our yard is now huge and needs to go away. I am trying to choose the best way to do this. I could rent a bin a load it up myself - the cheaper option, - or I could hire strong men with a truck. Mmmm...strong men...

27 April 2006

Shawl Begun

The yarn arrived last week for the Diamond Fantasy Shawl so, of course I had to cast on. After three failed attempts to get going using the circs, I decided to start off with a short pair of straights - much easier to handle at this stage. I'll switch over as the project gets larger.

A week later and I've just begun the third repeat. It's been slow going as I've found the chart a bit difficult to read. I was making frequent mistakes and sometimes felt I was taking out more stitches than I was knitting. I then got the brilliant idea to make an enlarged photocopy and colour code the symbols. It's going much better now.

This will be my pick up/put down project for the next while. I intend to use my new neckline skills and finish the red empire top this weekend.

23 April 2006

Frolic Score

As promised, here are the photos of yesterday's haul. Yes I purchased a fair amount but it was all at drastically reduced prices and within my budget. I had a little surprise cash infusion last week (unexpected GST refund cheque arrived) so I treated myself guilt free.

This Briggs Little worsted wool comes in a huge selection of colours and is a product of Canada. I couldn't decide which of the colours I liked best, so I bought a bunch.

Some of these skeins will end up as Denise Powell's Persian Slippers. The daughter insisted on this pattern book and I'm glad she did. Too cute.

Got 500 grams of mauve merino/alpaca blend from Grand River yarns. It will became some sort of sweater for the daughter. She looks great in this colour (It is actually more vibrant than in the photo but it's hard to get true colour on such a grey day.

Everyone got a free sample of Eucalon at the door. Got these great buttons at one booth and the beads at another. The kitty buttons will end up on the mauve daughter sweater. The Fleece Artist was a raffle prize! It is incredibly soft and it is cool to be able to say I own some FA. I'm not wild about this shade of green though. Into the stash it goes for future consideration.

22 April 2006

Knitter's Frolic

Hurray for the Downtown Knit Collective! What a spiffy event today. The daughter and I had such a time soaking in all the beautiful colours and textures. We paid our four dollars and entered fibre heaven - a whole room full of unique vendors with beautiful wares. Then we turned a corner and there was a second room! even bigger than the first!

Pictures of my many splendid purchases will come tomorrow. For now, here is a taste of the market.

My prize for most beautiful booth goes to The Knit Cafe. Their sample works were as lovely as can be and they really took the time with the layout and lighting. Gorgeous!

For best deals, it was a tie. The CottageCraftAngora.com booth had bags and bags of worsted Canadian wool in so many colours for unbelievable prices. They were practically giving it away.

Also, the charming proprietress of Grand River Yarns had amazing show specials. I've admired her web site for so long. It was a delight to meet her.

Wanietta's Neckline and Buttonhole workshop was a perfect way to end the afternoon. Sitting down by this point was certainly appreciated. I came out of it with a slightly wobbly neckline (hey! no holes!) and one perfect little buttonhole. Thanks Wanietta. You are a great teacher.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is a stunning facility - although hell to get to by bus! The daughter has had the good fortune of going there on a field trip with her class. Thus, she knew her way around the building a bit and acted as my guide. I'd like to visit again and see the whole venue.
We bought a small ceramic lucky cat! I've always wanted one but have only ever seen the enormous version. This little treasure fits in the palm of my hand and will bring us protection. We also bought a pinback button with a picture of handroll sushi on it. Who doesn't need one of those?
In the hall next to the worshops we saw this glassed-in diarama. It is over twenty square feet and sits about four feet off the ground. It contains dozens of scenes with hundreds of figures made from sticks and paper. So beautiful.

17 April 2006

To celebrate the amazing sunshine and clear air of Easter Sunday, the daughter and I went for a jaunt in our local park. Glorious day!

The daughter on her way up the big hill. I love this log staircase.

An art shot of a pensive me on the grandstand. Nice work kid! Shortly after this photo was taken, I started doing my Gene Kelly impersonation, skipping along the benches as if they were the curb from Singing In The Rain. Those photos will not be made available to the public.

This happy little crocus we encountered on our way home. I love this thing. I love that it was the one determined pretty thing in the middle of an otherwise chewed up and ratty front bed. I also love that I managed to get such a nice picture of it. It gives me hope for the future.

In the obligatory knitting news, I worked some on my brown sweater - yes that old thing. The front and back are done and I've started a sleeve. I'm putting aside the red top until after the neckline workshop this weekend. I'm hoping to figure out what I've been doing wrong all these years when picking up stitches. See you there Koko.

13 April 2006

Re: Yarn Diet

I am bummed that I can't go to the TTC Knit-a-long because of my afore sworn yarn diet. I just can't justify passing on a shift at work and going on a shopping spree. I'll be sad to miss the fun but I must be strong.

I am going to attend the DKC's Knitter's Frolic. I have planned on this for months and it will be my first Saturday off since December. I shall mingle and make new friends and knit and not spend outrageously. Also, I am desperate to take Wanietta's buttonhole and picking up for neckline workshop. These are two of my weakest skills and the class is inexpensive. I hope it's not too late to register?

5 Songs Yvette Currently Plays Over and Over:

(I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May - Suzanne Vega
Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
Highway One - Murray McLaughlin
I'll Cover You (Reprise) - Rent Soundtrack
Tired of Sleeping - Suzanne Vega

07 April 2006

Back Is Done

So far so good. The transition from circs to straights to affect the pattern switch went very smoothly. I believe it will fit too. The front has just been started, and I will continue with it this evening at Team Canada pub night. You're all coming right?

Hey! Look at what I made! I never thought I'd be able to bead but I found the instructions in a book and gave it a whirl. Pleased am I...yes... with my pretty new stitch markers. They are super easy to make and it's so much cheaper than buying the fancy ones.

Now, speaking of knitting costs...I am actually putting this down in writing...I am going on a yarn diet! For the next while, no more yarn, accessory, magazine, or book purchases. I mean it. I've done a rough estimate of how much I've spent in the last few weeks and it's rather shocking. Mind you, I've gotten some great deals, but the total is still up there. Let's see...all that Romni yarn (on sale) of the last post, a new book at Indigo (on sale due to ripped cover), and the latest Vogue Knitting (so lovely).

Two days ago I bought 10 skeins of the fingering yarn pictured on the left on ebay. I wanted it specifically to try the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. All those gorgeous Olympic Knitting shawls inspired me to buy (that word again) an intricate lace pattern.

I've decided to rely less on fibre therapy and more on real therapy. Regular readers of my blog may have read between the lines and seen that I am not the happiest camper lately. So, some money has been put aside and I've found a good therapist to help me work out some of my issues. Too much information, you say? I only write it down to make it seem more concrete. I am actually a little excited. It's been many years since I've been in therapy and it was a positive force in my life then. However, it ain't cheap, so a strict yarn diet will help pay for an extra session or two. I, of course, will continue to knit many of my troubles away with my current stash. Wish me luck.

01 April 2006

Lucky, Lucky Timing

Popped into Romni yesterday to do a quick exchange. "Two minutes in and out," I'm thinking. A quick nip down to the basement to get the correct skein. I know exactly where it is. This is going great. Then...
"KIKKI!", I exclaim, noticing the two large baskets at my feet.
"I just brought it down," says nice lady who sorts and marks in the sale room. "It's $4.25 a skein. I haven't even marked it yet."
Be still my heart. I have a passion for Kikki. Don't really need any more yarn right now but, What a deal. It can't last long. How can I pass this up?

So, all you cotton blend freaks - head to Romni for an amazing deal. Just don't look for the green(#106). I bought it all.