06 March 2006

Yummy New Book

I recently went on yet another pattern buying spree - eBay, of course. The first arrival was this morning. Check this out! This is a hardcover, Ladies Home Journal collection published in 1977. Of course, there are are the expected hilarious designs but surprisingly, not too many. Half the book contains things I want to knit. The children's' hats pictured on the cover were the reason I purchased this one, but what delights inside! These pictures are just some of the lovely, timeless pieces. That pink sweater in a deep rose?, that white halter done in black?...Which to try first?

There are some 1963/4 British magazines en route as well. Now, I really must stop for a while. Almost one whole shelf of the large book case is filled with knitting books, flyers and magazines. I own enough patterns to keep me busy for years, maybe for life!

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Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

What a find for you. Ebay is a bit fun, isn't it. No package yet? Yikers, I sent it out on the 17th of February. Guess I need to start insuring it, that will guarantee it to show up at your door.