13 March 2006

A Quick One

Sick, sick, as some dogs. Yuck. So, this is a quick post of a two day project before it goes off to a new owner.
A co-worker of mine has a 2 year old daughter and was bemoaning the fact that she can't find a "dickie" for her. Now first I must contest her use of that word. We all know that a dickie is
this. What she described actually wanting was a tubular scarf that can be pulled up like a hood - what I call a "cowl". What a fabulous opportunity to use up that Pixie novelty yarn I purchased long ago in a fit of insanity.
Not having a 2 year old handy, I'm using a Rupert Bear as a model. He is slightly smaller than the average 2 year old child.

She didn't say I couldn't make her kid look like an Easter egg...


Kelly said...

Heyyy, that does look like an Easter egg and it's pretty darn cute!

koko puff said...

It's pink, it's blue, it's compellingly cute...I'm oddly drawn to it!