26 March 2006

Fingers Crossed

I was surfing around for something to make with the beautiful Sensations Stellina wool blend from my SP and found myself, once again, gazing upon Lelah from Knitting For Boozehags. I've been admiring this lacy pattern for some time. However, I don't really want a tube top. (Not that the girls aren't up to it. I just want something I can wear to work.)

I started wondering if I could use a different pattern for the top half and, after much searching, found this: Empire Dream from the July 2005 Creative Knitting.

Now, these two patterns are completely different yarn weights, gauge, needle size, etc. So, after a fair bit of math and test knitting, I believe I have the correct number of stitches on the needle and pattern repeats figured out. I'll knit Lelah on the circs until the picot row then split it into front and back, switch to straights, and knit Empire Dream.

Tell me I'm not crazy! This will work, right?


Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

You go girl...I know it will work, a bit of tweaking between the patterns and you'll have one great handknit top.

I posted your last package for the SP7 round on Monday, March 20th. Fingers crossed that customs doesn't hold it up again.

Best wishes,

koko puff said...

It sounds like a great idea, but what the heck do I know -- I just started knitting! The progress to date looks lovely and I can't wait to see the end product.

Not An Artist said...

Sounds like it will be gorgeous... take notes, so the rest of us can try it too!