21 March 2006

Finally, A Face

This is what I've been able to accomplish this March Break. The doll I started months ago finally has a face and hair. She's supposed to be a princess with a crown, but I'm calling it a day and declaring her done as is.

What a week! The daughter and I had many break plans, none of which happened. Work got busy, I was ill and then my father had emergency surgery. Things are settling down now, so she and I will just have to play hooky some sunny day and have our mother/daughter outing then. She's cool with that and she also likes the silly little doll.

I did cast on for a new, somewhat ambitious project, last night. I'm attempting to combine the elements of two patterns into a new sweater. It's still very much in the planning stage so more details to follow.


Not An Artist said...

What a sweet dolly (I don't know why I feel compelled to use that word... possibly its the cuteness. Or the fever), she makes me think of a swiss miss ;)

Glad to hear you are feeling better, that flu is a killer.

Anna said...

Aaaaah, the doll is cute! Thanks so much for bookmarking my site. I'm defintiely bookmarking yours!