08 January 2006

Poor Velvet!

Hands up! Who here remembers Velvet, Beautiful Crissy's little cousin with the growing hair (Ideal dolls circa 1968-70)? Anyway this poor darling was bought on Ebay with a lot of others and she's obviously had a hard life. Some over-zealous child played hairdresser in a big way on her base hair. The girl arrived at my house with absolutely no self esteem. What to do?
Well, put her in a fabulous new knitted outfit as befits her time. In a flash, Velvet is looking 1970's swanky again in matching close fitting tam and skirt/poncho. They are knit with Bernat Satin (won't use this yarn again as it balls and sticks to itself while being worked). The tam is just made up on the go and the skirt/poncho is two rectangles knitted in a nice lace pattern then sewn to each other. Velvet's smashing bulky sweater is knit from a teddy bear pattern found in Creative Knitting (last year's issue but sorry, don't know the month).

In other news, the Secret Pal 7 Questionnaire is out and I will be working on it this evening and posting the answers tomorrow! Kind of like fun homework. I also have received my Secret Pal and must spend some time getting to know her via her blog. Exciting.

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