26 January 2006

A Package

A great big thank you to my Secret Pal. This package came yesterday and I was blown away by the generosity. I particularly love the yarn. In fact, I couldn't wait to get going on it so I wound the rose colour skein right away and swatched it. I'd already started a warm winter hat before I remembered to photograph the goodies.
I'd never heard of
Peace Fleece before. Their website is definitely worth a look. It strikes me that one of the cool things about this exchange is the opportunity to share products from one's particular region with someone far away. I am now going to make an effort to give something specifically Torontonian to my gift receiving Pal.
The photo I've chosen to post is not the best shot of the yummy package, but it does offer an excellent view of Malcolm bathing in the top left corner.


Kelly said...

Wow! You're one lucky knitter!

Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

Be on the lookout for the postal service to deliver another package in the next week or so as I posted another box this morning. I've found that sending smaller packages, more often are easier since going to another country. I hope you enjoy the second box as much as the first.

Jen said...

man that is one nice package yvette!

if you want to send me your email at jen_hendriks(at)hotmail(dot)com - I'll add you to team canada!